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Removal Antivirus Software

AV Uninstall Tools Pack - a free package of tools designed to remove different antivirus programs. It includes tools for removing more than 40 antivirus and antispyware programs and firewalls. They are necessary in cases when it can not completely remove the antivirus program in the standard way, or in the process of removing errors. These utilities completely remove all files, drivers, services and registry entries left by antivirus programs. These tools will be useful for those who often deals with reinstalling and configuring the software.

Note that some tools are not intended for use as a primary means of uninstall. Before using them, try to delete the program on the use of standard sposobom.Podrobnee utilities, see the Readme.txt file in the folder in the tool.

1. My antivirus finds a virus in files.

For programs of this type is quite normal, since they, for example, complete anti-virus processes, delete the driver and unload, etc. We regularly send messages about false alarms in the virus laboratory. Utilities are best kept in the archive and unpack the archive if necessary, to reduce the risk of false positives. Another advantage of the archive is that some utilities are removed after the launch itself, or leave trash (reports, temporary files).

2. By the utility does not provide instructions. How do I use it?

If there are no instructions, then follow the general guidelines:
1) Close the program and disable its protection.
2) Uninstall the program through "Control Panel" -> "Add or Remove Programs."
3) Restart your computer.
4) Run the removal tool (in Windows Vista / 7, right-click and select "Run as administrator" xp mah normal aja).

List of tools:
avast! Antivirus Removal Tool
AVG IDP Uninstaller
AVG Remover (x32)
AVG Remover (x64)
Avira RegistryCleaner
BitDefender Uninstall Tool
BullGuard Uninstaller (x32)
BullGuard Uninstaller (x64)
CA Anti-Spam 2007/2008 uninstall Utility
CA Anti-Spyware 2007/2008 Uninstall Utility
CA Anti-Virus Uninstall Utility
CA Desktop DNA Migrator Uninstall Utility
CA EISS 2007/2008 Removal Utility
CA Personal Firewall Uninstall Utility
CA Website Inspector uninstall Utility
Comodo Products Uninstaller Tool 0.3b
Dr.Web Remover
eScan Removal Tool
ESET Uninstaller
F-PROT Version 3.x Remover
F-PROT Version 6.x Remover
F-Secure Uninstallation Tool 3.0.890
G Data AntiVirus Cleaner
K7 Security Product Removal Tool
KAV Removal Tool
Max AntiVirus Uninstaller (x32) v1.0.0.1
Max AntiVirus Uninstaller (x64) v1.0.0.1
Max SpywareDetector Uninstaller (x32)
Max SpywareDetector Uninstaller (x64)
MBAM Cleanup Utility
McAfee Cleanup Tool (McAfee Consumer Product Removal)
Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0 Uninstaller (Microsoft Fix it 50 535)
Microsoft Security Essentials 2 Uninstaller (Microsoft Fix it 50 692)
Norman Uninstall (DelNVC5) 8.01
Norton Internet Security Removal
Norton Removal Tool 2012.0.0.19
Norton Removal Tool 2007.2.0.14
Norton Security Scan Removal Tool
nProtect Security Platform 2007 Remover (090 921)
Outpost Clean (x32) 7.1.3479.11508
Outpost Clean (x64) 7.1.3483.11513
Panda Cloud AV Uninstaller Rev 7
Panda Uninstaller 2012 Rev 6
Panda Uninstaller 2007 1.5.0 Rev 1
PC Tools ThreatFire Removal
Prevx Removal Tool (for v1 and v2.0)
Prevx Removal Tool (for v3.0) (2009.05.02)
QuickHeal 9.50 Removal Tool
QuickHeal 10.0 Removal Tool (2004.10.02)
QuickHeal 11.0 Removal Tool (x32) (2010.01.18)
QuickHeal 11.0 Removal Tool (x64) (2010.01.18)
QuickHeal Admin Console 4.2 Removal Tool (2009.12.01)
Radialpoint Security Uninstall Utility
SPAMfighter Remove
Sunbelt CounterSpy Cleaner 1.0.3509.25408
Sunbelt Personal Firewall Cleaner 2.0
SUPERAntiSpyware Application UnInstaller (x32)
SUPERAntiSpyware Application UnInstaller (x64)
Symantec ActiveDataInfo ActiveX Control Removal Tool
Trend Micro Diagnostic Toolkit (x32)
Trend Micro Diagnostic Toolkit (x64)
Trend Micro Titanium 2 Support Tool (x32)
Trend Micro Titanium 2 Support Tool (x64)
Trend Micro Titanium 3 Support Tool (x32)
Trend Micro Titanium 3 Support Tool (x64)
Trend Micro WFBS Agent Removal Tool 7.0.1358
Vexira Uninstall (26.04.2010)
Vipre Premium Cleaner 1.0.3848.28197
VirusBuster Clean 3.5.3389.11926
Webroot Desktop Firewall Removal Utility
Webroot Spy Sweeper Consumer Cleanup Tool
Webroot Upgrade and Uninstall Utility
Windows Installer Clean Up Utility 3
Windows Live OneCare Cleanup Tool
Zondex Guard EraseAv
ZoneAlarm Removal Tool

- Add Max AntiVirus Uninstaller (x32) v1.0.0.1
- Add Max AntiVirus Uninstaller (x64) v1.0.0.1
- BullGuard Uninstaller (x32) updated to version
- Dr.Web Remover updated to version
- G Data AntiVirus Cleaner updated
- Webroot Upgrade and Uninstall Utility updated to version

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